With all the carry-on luggage restrictions and crowded overhead compartments it provided additional carry-on space.

Overall Impression This convertible pocket crazy and technology friendly jacket performed well on the road, especially in cool weather. It had the advantage of versatility, making the wearer look well dressed or more casual depending on the occasion. It had discreetly placed pocket space for lots of stuff like small books, wallet, notepads, cell phones, MP3 players (including designated space for the wires), keys, pens, and much more. Somebody put a lot of thought into designing the jacket and its 33 inner and outer compartments in varying sizes and it shows. It was well constructed inside and out with pockets in the front and an oversize zippered pocket in the back where you could place the sleeves if you took them off during an outing.

There were pockets inside pockets, reminding us of a Dr. Seuss rhyme. The nested compartments, sometimes well hidden in the lining or deep inside the jacket fabric, were secured with Velcro, zippers, mesh, straps, elastic bands, a clip for identification or nothing at all. These closure options made the jacket a pocket lover’s dream. The challenge sometimes was remembering what pocket I had put things in when I needed to retrieve them.

The sleeves were easy to remove, making the Scottevest more comfortable in warm weather. In case of inclement weather a removable folded hood was attached with Velcro to the collar. In addition, the multiple pocket option made the jacket ideal for airline travel. With all the carry-on luggage restrictions and crowded overhead compartments it provided additional carry-on space.

Colors Olive or stone (ours was stone)

Machine Washable Machine wash cold, delicate cycle with like colors. Tumble dry low. No bleach, iron or steam press. Do not dry clean.

Made In China

Made Of The shell was 100 percent nylon, the lining and yoke lining were 100 percent polyester

Manufacturer-Distributor Scottevest, Inc.

Retail Price $150

Size M-2XL (we tested the 2X)

Type Of Product Men’s jacket

Weight 2 lbs 5 oz.

Features It had 33 pockets and compartments, DuPont® Teflon fabric protector (water repellent, Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) licensed by TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing®), wire gadgets through lining, zip-off sleeves, built-in key holder, collar loops hold earbuds/cell mic, zippered pockets. Magnetic wind flap, extra large inside and back pockets. TEC offers a patented system called a PAN that allows wearers to connect electronic devices to each other and to headsets for hands-free use. For example, it’s possible to connect an MP3 player to headphones and a cell phone to a PDA.

Country(S) Tested South Africa, France and USA

Date Of Review June 2006

Number Of Days Tested Several months

Would You Use This Product Again? Yes

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