My Scottesvest is fast becoming a trademark travel accessory while I continue to discover new ways to maximize its functionality. 

Overall Impression Finally, an adventure travel vest designed with a woman’s figure in mind!  After trying several that I found to be mere scaled-down versions of the men’s counterpart, I was delighted by the Scottevest Women’s Travel Vest. With its discretely tapered waist, the hip-length vest was flattering enough for casual wear about town, while its lightweight brushed cotton blend water-repellent outer shell made it well suited for sport activities. Since my original intent was to use this vest as a substitute for an adventure travel daypack, I was immediately attracted by its many pockets, 21 in all, inside and out.

They came in a variety of sizes and purposes. The manufacturer conveniently delivered the garment with suggested use cards in each pocket and also stitched tiny cloth reminders in the seams. There were pockets inside of pockets, with Velcro, snap and zipper closures. They kept my contents tidy, safe and easy to access. There were clever surprises as well, such as a detachable chamois cloth tucked inside the zipped compartment marked “glasses.” A pocket just the right size for travel documents piggybacked on a larger pocket intended for reading material. These same pockets turned out to be perfect for storing camera lenses, while two separate tiny Velcro-secured slots on either side of the front zipper, intended for MP3 ear buds, were just right for storing camera memory cards.

Although the vest was designed for techno-gadget devotees, complete with a patented Personal Area Network (PAN) system that provided a network of conduits and easy release Velcro tabs within the lining to facilitate the use of all manner of personal electronics, it proved perfect for a variety of unrelated uses. It was so versatile that it made my pocketbook obsolete on shopping trips, replaced my personal items carry-on bag for air travel and my daypack/camera bag on adventure excursions. The thoughtful design and placement of the pockets allowed for even distribution of the weight of the items carried, while the no-bulge pockets kept a streamlined look.

One minor inconvenience was the polyester lining that made the vest warm for hot weather wear; I remedied that by keeping the vest unzipped. Thanks to its clever structure even with most pockets loaded the vest remained well balanced and comfortable on my body when I wore it open. Through months of repeated use, I have been amazed by how much I could carry in complete comfort and in a broad range of situations. My Scottesvest is fast becoming a trademark travel accessory while I continue to discover new ways to maximize its functionality.

Colors Black Lava, Red Rock and Desert Sand (mine was Desert Sand)

Machine Washable Recommended washing instructions: machine wash cold, delicate cycle with like colors. Tumble dry low. No bleach, iron or steam press. Do not dry clean.

Made In China

Made Of Shell was 65 percent cotton/35 percent nylon; lining was 100 percent polyester.

Manufacturer-Distributor Scottevest, Inc.

Retail Price $100

Size XS-2XL (I tested XL)

Type Of Product Travel vest

Weight 1 pound and 2 oz.

Features My Classic Travel Vest featured 21 pockets and compartments, DuPont Teflon treated water repellent fabric protection; patented Personal Area Network (PAN) licensed by TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing) that provided a network of conduits and Velcro tabs concealed within the lining to easily wire gadgets. It was possible to store ear buds in collar loops and miniature pockets. Zipped pockets included extra large and deep external, internal and back pockets. Alternate magnetic closure offered additional safety for external pockets. Convenience items within the pockets included a built-in extendible and removable key holder, a chamois eyeglass cleaning cloth and an elastic loop to secure a water bottle.

Countries Tested France, Mexico and USA

Date Of Review April 2008

Number Of Days Tested Several months

Reviewers Article and photos by Josette King

Would You Use This Product Again? Yes

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