For our next safari trip we will likely treat some clothes with the Sawyer spray and take some Buzz Off clothing too.

Overall Impression When we are in the African bush we take mosquitoes very seriously. Being bitten is cause for concern. Some types of malaria, a disease transmitted by certain mosquitoes, are hard or impossible to treat effectively. As a result, mosquitoes become not a small annoyance but a life threatening menace. The first time, several years ago, we treated our clothes with insect repellent in preparation for a trip to a malaria zone; we had to dip them using a special container, which we later disposed of. It was a big production and the clothes felt slightly stiff after they dried. The Sawyer spray was much easier and practical to use. Our clothes remained intact after we sprayed and air dried them. There were no unpleasant odors, no damaged fabrics or other side effects that we noticed; nor were we bitten by any insect while we wore the clothes we had sprayed, even after they had been washed several times at the African camps and lodges we stayed at.

An added advantage was that because the spray was non-aerosol we were able to take an additional supply with us for a second application during our five week trip. It was a bit challenging to determine how long to keep the left over spray bottles, because the containers didn’t have an expiration date. The Sawyer spray allowed us the freedom to wear any clothes we chose. As long as we sprayed them, it didn’t matter what brand they were. Certain synthetic fabrics, though not counter indicated in the instructions, seemed like they would be less likely to absorb the insect repellent. All in all it was a great improvement to the past dipping experience. The spray was reasonably priced considering how much easier it was to use or the cost of new pre-treated Buzz Off clothing, which of course were very convenient. For our next safari trip we will likely treat some clothes with the Sawyer spray and take some Buzz Off clothing too.

Machine Washable the permethrin spray was absorbed by the fabric and held fast according to the manufacturer’s label for two week. We brought additional spray with us for a second spraying session during our Southern Africa trip. Instructions indicated clothes should be washed at least once before spraying a second time.

Made In U.S.A.

Made Of the active ingredient was permethrin (0.5%)

Manufacturer-Distributor Coulston Products and Sawyer Products

Retail Price $7

Type Of Product Insect repellent spray for clothes

Weight 6 oz

Features after through spraying and drying, it protected clothes and the wearer against mosquitoes, mites, chiggers, and ticks for up to two weeks.

Other one half bottle of spray was necessary per outfit, according to the instructions. The Sawyer spray was for use on clothes only. It should not be sprayed directly on skin, face or eyes; or clothing on the body (while worn). Care in disposing of the empty bottle was advised as the residue was toxic to fish and aquatic organisms. Using the spray “in a manner inconsistent with the labeling” was against U.S. Federal law

Country(S) Tested Botswana , South Africa , U.S.A. , and Zambia

Date Of Review August 2004

Number Of Days Tested two months

Would You Use This Product Again? Yes

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