In addition to new looking gated facilities Majeka House stood our for its decorative flair, handsome gardens, serene ambiance, in house spa, fitness center, friendly staff and savory on site dining.

Overall Impression This small family friendly hotel within a quiet residential Stellenbosch neighborhood had much to offer. In the early morning we heard the sounds of birds, making us feel briefly as if we were waking up at home. As the day progressed we heard suburban sounds and neighborhood dogs barking. It was quiet otherwise.

During our stay, we had an opportunity to taste the restaurant cuisine during breakfast (a combination cold buffet and hot made-to-order dishes)and savory dishes served with alacrity in our room for dinner. Although it was too cold to enjoy the swimming pool during our visit, we did sample the spa offerings. Spa staff were friendly and efficient and the treatments were good.

Majeka House offered convenient hotel accommodations for us to explore the Stellenbosch area in our rental car, and enough creature comforts within, including good in room WiFi connectivity, to enjoy staying in the hotel when the weather was less than desirable. In addition to new looking gated facilities Majeka House stood our for its decorative flair, handsome gardens, serene ambiance, in house spa, fitness center, friendly staff and savory on site dining.

Children Yes, children were welcome.

Class Of Accommodation Small luxury hotel

Connectivity We were able to get online via the hotel’s password protected complimentary WiFi connection in the room.

Handicapped Access Yes, there were two wheelchair accessible rooms.

Length Of Stay Three nights

Location In a residential neighborhood of Stellenbosch in the winelands of South Africa.

Owned-Managed Karine and Lloyd van der Merwe

Pets Allowed No

Size The 6,500 square meter property had 18 rooms and 33 employees. Our building had two stories.

Year Opened The hotel first opened in 2007.

Lobby And Common Areas The hotel was decorated with a 16th century Aubusson tapestry in the reception area as well as art by Vickey Sanders, and Portchie paintings in the restaurant. The interior design was the work of Nicolette from Interior Concepts in Stellenbosch. In the last few months before our visit, the owners had added 80 rose bushes.

Bathroom The bathroom, located off the entrance hallway, had an attractive open design. A set of custom designed sliding doors next to the bathtub opened the bathroom to the bedroom, creating a single room ambiance. If someone came in or if was cold it was possible to quickly and easily close the doors and regain privacy within the bathroom. These could be open or closed anytime. To the left of the door there was a shower with wood floor and wine color tiled walls. Next to the shower and across the bathroom door there was a water closet with a window and enclosed by a frosted glass door and wall. Against the far wall there were twin ceramic sink bowls set atop a beige marble base and under rectangular mirrors. Below the sinks there were wood shelves for towels. To the right there was a rectangular bathtub and behind it a small window. There was a wall make up mirror.

Room Our modern 36 square meter end room, Room 202, was on the ground floor of a two story building and at the end of a hallway. The Premier Room had terrazzo tile floor, beige walls, and khaki curtains. Past the entrance door there was a hallway that led to the bathroom on the left and further down to the bedroom. To the right of the hallway there was a full size closet with an electronic safe, extra blankets as well as shelf and hanging space. There was a full size mirror on the closet door. The center of the room was occupied by a king bed framed by matching wood night tables and a brown headboard with gold accents. There was a chest at the foot of the bed. There was also a throw rug, cloth armchair, wood coffee table and corner desk with a lamp and a phone. Black and white historic photos of the Stellenbosch hung on the walls. There was a flat screen Sonic TV hanging on the wall within a frame. Just beneath it there was a DVD player and a satellite box on a shelf on the wall.

Next to the television there was a built-in credenza with coffee and tea service including a Lavazza Blue machine with coffee and tea capsules (one complimentary capsule per person per night was included in the nightly rate) on it. There was a mini refrigerator under the credenza and a bowl of packaged sweets available for purchase. A silver color lamp with crystal drops hung in the center of the room above the bed.

Beyond the curtains there were sliding glass doors that led onto a covered balcony populated with outdoor furniture and facing a side of property garden, property wall and beyond it the neighborhood street.

Food And Restaurants The hotel’s room service was speedy and the meals we sampled were tasty and well presented. Breakfast was a combination of a cold buffet and hot made-to-order options. The dining room was intimate and decorated with elan.

Amenities There were travel size (100 milliliter) scented toiletries from Moya in Cape Chamomile Shampoo, Cape Geranium Conditioner, Cape Chamomile Body Lotion, and scented soap as well as bottled water at turn down. There was one complimentary coffee or tea capsule per guest for use with the coffee/tea maker in the room. There was complimentary parking within the gated property and a short distance from our room.

Facilities There were two outdoor pools, an indoor heated pool with a retractable roof, a restaurant, bar, and a spa with steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi and fitness center.

Fitness Center And Spa At Majeka Spa Lucille gave us therapeutic and Swedish massages. Lieshen handled a facial and pedicure. The two-room spa was adjacent to the reception desk and heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna. Our spa time was pleasant and relaxing and the staff were efficient and friendly.

Pool One swimming pool was 1.4 meters deep and 60 square meter large.

Other The property was 50 meters from a walk in vineyards and less than one kilometer away from a walk in the forest. There were solar geysers (heaters) throughout the property and low energy lighting wherever possible. The flower and herb garden were being converted to an organic design. The hotel was surrounded by a security system and gate. An electronic card was necessary to access the parking area.

Cleanliness Excellent

Date Of Review September 2009

Reviewers Article by Elena del Valle

Photos by Gary Cox

Would You Stay There Again? Yes

Contact Information

  • Address:
    • 26 – 32 Houtkapper Street
    • Paradys Kloof, Stellenbosch, 7600
    • South Africa
  • Phone:
    • +27 021 880 1549
  • Fax:
    • +27 021 880 1550
  • Website:
  • Email: