Basically money talks and …

Overall Impression Vegas is a city that can be a lot of fun if you stick to the resorts and nice shows. It is not really a nice city to walk around in, just outside the strip is a bit rough and tumble looking, and provides a stark contrast to the clean lines and neon of the good hotels. It is a fun place to vacation and residents enjoy a good lifestyle, but there is a gritty side that we prefer to avoid, which means taking a cab up the strip and staying in good hotels. The people tend to be friendly, but service providers are a bit jaded and cynical in their outlook, which colors interaction with them. Basically money talks and …

Cost Of Visiting: Varies widely from inexpensive to expensive

Currency US Dollar

How To Get There Major commercial airlines, drive from Southern California

Location Southwestern United States, approximately three hour drive from Los Angelos

Technology Level Very high, including US cellular coverage, full satellite television and radio, high speed Internet access available at economic prices, some wireless Internet coverage.

Transportation Taxis, rental cars, bus service on strip

Facilities Large number of shows, hotels, conference centers. Nearby golf, hiking, tours of desert attractions such as the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.

Shopping Tremendous amounts of shopping, including huge discount and outlet malls. All the hotels have shops consistent with the price level of the hotel itself and the malls contain all major stores available in the western United States.

Advantages Casino gambling and shows put this city on the map. There are some other industries, including a US Airforce base of some notariety (area 51) nearby. The shopping opportunities are unrivaled in the United States, and the weather is warm and dry most of the year. The city has experienced large growth and has a diverse population with relatively good employment levels.

Challenges Water is a severe challenge for the city and its growth. Lake Mead provides all the water in the area and it is currently seven or eight feet lower than normal. Drought conditions may eventually force water restrictions at the resort hotels. The presence of gambling has also meant a number of con men and ripoff artists are attracted to the wealth and opportunities. Although under control, crime is present and Las Vegas was also recently cited by watchdog groups for its handling of the homeless.