When public toilets were undesirable or unavailable, Freshette offered a convenient environment friendly alternative.

Overall Impression Using public restrooms can be challenging, especially while on a trip and for travelers with medical conditions or mobility limitations. Sometimes, even restrooms are an extravagance. This is the case in remote areas, while camping and in the bush. In South Africa, for example, national parks usually have rest stops including public facilities but there are no toilets in the bush.

Even luxury bush lodges and camps can only accommodate their guests so far. Game viewing guests on sunrise and sunset game drives during which staff usually offer hot and cold beverages and snacks must await the end of the drive or make a “bush stop.” The drives, on 4×4 vehicles over rough terrain in the cooler times of the day, usually lasted two hours (we’ve been out four, even six hours). By the middle of the drive, even the hardiest may be tempted by a nature break. Using Freshette meant an easier, faster and potentially less risky “bush stop.”

Before getting started, it was necessary to learn how to use Freshette. Practice makes perfect and in the case of this device it also meant keeping shoes and clothes dry. It was necessary to carry the Freshette pouch which was feather light. The pouch began to tear soon after purchase and required a replacement bag. As a reusable tool, it was necessary to rinse the director after each use. Sometimes this task had to be postponed until there was running water available (this was the case in the bush). When public toilets were undesirable or unavailable, Freshette offered a convenient environment friendly alternative.

Color The main piece or trough was flesh colored and the extension tube was clear

Made In U.S.A.

Made Of Plastic

Manufacturer-Distributor International Sani-Fem, Inc.

Retail Price $23

Sizes One size fits all. The standard extension tube was 6” and the company offered longer tubes: 36” and 48”

Type Of Product Reusable urinary director for women offering “bladder relief while standing, sitting or lying down” with minimal undressing

Weight 1oz

Features A spout and extension tube that allows women to urinate standing, plastic zip lock travel pouch and small sheet with instructions

Other The manufacturer offered a medical system, longer extension tubes, disposable collection bags, and a carrying pouch.

Country(S) Tested U.S.A., South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana

Date Of Review February, 2007

Number Of Days Tested Three weeks

Would You Use This Product Again? Yes

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    • International Sani-Fem, Inc.
    • P O Box 4117
    • Downey, CA 90241
  • Phone:
    • 1-800-542-5580
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