The property is well maintained and has some very interesting plants from the Keys in its landscaping.

Overall Overall pretty good. A nice property for those that have families and want to stay away from the craziness that is Duvall street down by Mallory Square. The water is very visible from the resort and it is well placed for one of the few decent beaches on the island accessible to civilians. The property is well maintained and has some very interesting plants from the Keys in its landscaping.

Class Of Accommodation Five stars Timeshare Condominium

Length Of Stay Seven days

Location: Key West, Florida, on the eastern end of the island. Basically, at the quiet end of the island, near the Casa Marina Hotel.

Opened 1991

Ownership-Management The timeshare is managed by an internal management company. The Starwood family that owned the property used to build the timeshare has been actively onsite and owns units permanently. The staff are effective and professional and keep costs reasonable for guests and owners.

Restaurants Key West food varies in quality. Louie’s Backyard is next door (private entrance through bar available). The quality has dropped in Louie’s in our opinion, they used to be fabulous for lunch. Try the King’s Table nearby or walk down Duvall a short distance to find a wide variety of places. .

Size Approximately 40 (units consist of 1 bedroom and studio lockoff units, so may be subdivided into two separate units) There are also larger suites in one building.

Lobby And Common Areas check in and front desk building are Key West Conch style, just like the rest of the resort. The pool faces the ocean and has wonderful views.

Bathrooms Excellent

Rooms Good quality – comfortable resort style conch house (Tin roof over wood). Rooms facing the ocean have a wonderful view, especially in the morning, when the sun rises. View above is taken from balcony of ocean view room on first floor.

Amenities The larger units include a complete kitchen, while the studios have a microwave and small refrigerator. The bathroom amenities are very basic and adequate towels was an issue at times. The room includes a small stereo and VCR and tapes can be borrowed at the resort of nearby video stores.

Facilities Spa, swimming pool, barbecue grills, daily bar in the afternoons. Use of the Casa Marina facilities for watersports and beach. Note that many of the timeshare owners now have adolescent children, and the pool area can be very rowdy and annoying to those who seek quiet and calm. Daily concierge service has contacts for fishing, boating, scuba diving and bicycles.

Pool And-Or Beach The pool area is very nice with a waterfall for ambience and a separate jacuzzi which easily seats four. When we were there, many children were present and often the noise was a problem. It is a small area around the pool and there is no place to hide from families that are present.

The beach is very small, almost non existent depending on the tides. The beach at the Casa Marina hotel is much nicer, although the relationship with the resort seems vague and uncomfortable.

Conference Facilities not available

Check-In-Check-Out Process Ease Excellent

Cleanliness Excellent

Date Of Review November 2001

Ease Of Reserving A Room Owners frequently turn their property over for rental by the management company, and reservations are often available. We obtained ours through an owner.

Overall Service Good service

Would You Stay There Again Yes

Contact Information

  • Address:
    • 1500 Alberta Street
    • Key West, Florida 33040
  • Phone:
    • (305) 294-0057
  • Fax:
    • (305) 294-5066
  • Email:
  • Website: