A native Tobagonian, who accompanied us to lunch, put it best when she described the Blue Crab, “Good food with local flavor, served by pretty wonderful people.”

Overall ImpressionA large rectangular sign on the street corner in front of a Scarborough house confirmed we had found the Blue Crab Restaurant. Although first time guests might be fooled by the simple table settings and minimum fanfare, we soon discovered that inside a world of flavorful and perfectly prepared island treats awaited us. From the curry flying fish appetizer to the passion fruit ice cream we enjoyed every morsel.

Propped on a hill in Scarborough, Tobago’s largest town, the Blue Crab occupied the ground floor of the Sardiniha family home. Lunch guests were seated in an open air outdoor terrace. There was also an air conditioned dining area for dinner guests where we were fortunate to be seated on the steamy summer day when we visited the restaurant.

Like a drop of dew on a flower, the food at the Blue Crab was refreshing in its subtlety and full of promise. Chef Kenneth Sardinha brought food flavors to the surface kindly, gently with tenderness and patience. The result was delicious food with aromatic and mildly exotic flavors. The chef visited the market daily in search of the highest quality and freshest ingredients to serve lunchtime guests their fill of savory dishes.

A native Tobagonian, who accompanied us to lunch, put it best when she described the Blue Crab, “Good food with local flavor, served by pretty wonderful people.”

About The Executive Chef A self taught chef, he learned from his mother and taught his daughter, who has branched out to become a well known local chef in her own right. Prior to establishing the restaurant, Chef Sardinha and his wife Alison attended the Pratt Institute and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

In his cooking, he emphasized local herbs and fresh ingredients. A thoughtful man with strong convictions about cooking, restaurants and tourism in general, he described his culinary approach: “Not to overpower. You want each fish (and dish) to have its own distinctive flavor.”

Chefs De Cuisine Alison and Kenny Sardinha

Executive Chef Kenneth Sardinha

Handicapped AccessTwo sets of short stairs led to the entrance.

Location In Scarborough, Tobago

Opened-Renovated February 14, 1985

Owned-Managed Kenneth, Alison and Kenny Sardinha

Size The restaurant was able to accommodate 36 guests. There were seven staff including the owners.

Type Of Restaurant Tobago cuisine made with local products

DÉCor-Ambiance At the Blue Crab the emphasis was on food. Seating was divided into two areas: al fresco dining in an open terrace and air conditioned dining in an adjacent enclosed room surrounded by large windows. From our window side table we could see the entrance stairway and street beyond it. The air conditioned area was home to a “Heritage Window display” with antique kitchen utensils.

Meal Our lunch consisted of healthy portions of various dishes. We began with bite size servings of flying fish wrapped in light batter with a mild curry flavor. A short while later the main course arrived. There was king fish in a tasty tomato “creole” sauce and delicious ginger and garlic grouper. There were also lentils, flavored with clove, brown sugar and squash; pumpkin rice, fried plantains (a fruit similar to bananas) and a yummy breadfruit salad. For dessert there was home made (by a local lady) passion fruit ice scream.

Special Menus Menu options varied depending on the choices available in the market daily.

Reservations required The restaurant opened regularly for lunch. Dinner was by reservation only.

Date Of Review August 2006

Reviewers Article by Elena del Valle

Photos by Gary Cox

Service Excellent

Would You Dine There Again-Recommend It? Yes

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