Our enjoyment of these secluded surroundings was further enhanced by the outstanding quality of the service of the ever-friendly and attentive staff that managed to remain unobtrusive while thriving to anticipate our needs and wishes.

Overall Impression When, after a short walk along the palm-shaded sandy paths winding through the lush gardens of Azulik, we reached Villa #2, we instantly knew that whatever plans we may have had for the next few days had just been canceled. What could possibly be compelling enough to entice us away from this serene enclave of rustic luxury? Perched on a 20- foot high ledge over the Caribbean , for a breathtaking view of the shimmering turquoise sea below, our large thatched roofed one-room villa blended discreetly into the lush jungle surroundings. In the peaceful seclusion of Azulik , the “adults-only, clothing optional” character of this eco-resort seemed an obvious irrelevance

With the exception of the Reception Cabana, there was no electricity anywhere at Azulik, so that as the tropical night fell, our villa took on a warm glow from the many votive candles scattered about the place. The garden paths were equally marked by candle light. Within this tranquil hide-away schedules became a remote concept.

While there were many activities readily available, such as complimentary early morning yoga at the Maya Spa, only a few minutes walk away, and every imaginable ocean sport literally at our door step, the rhythm of our days naturally slowed to a luxuriously relaxing pace, orchestrated by the sun and the moon, much like the Mayan civilization that once flourished in the area. Our enjoyment of these secluded surroundings was further enhanced by the outstanding quality of the service of the ever-friendly and attentive staff that managed to remain unobtrusive while thriving to anticipate our needs and wishes.

Class Of Accommodation Ecology-conscious, rustic luxury

Connectivity Wireless Internet connectivity was available only in the common areas of the Maya Spa located less than a five minute walk away from our villa. Our multi-band mobile phone operated seamlessly everywhere on the property.

General Manager Hans Peter Eggler

Handicapped Access No

Length Of Stay Three nights

Location Approximately 75 miles south of Cancun, on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico .

Managed Azulik is the flagship property of the several eco-facilities operated by EcoTulum Resorts & Spa

Owned Eduardo Neira and Holly Elizabeth Worton

Pets Allowed No

Size Azulik was a cluster of fifteen free standing one-room private ocean-front villas built on a ledge overlooking the ocean against the backdrop of a lush two and a half acre tropical garden.

Year Opened-Renovated Opened in 2003

Lobby And Common Areas The only common area was the Reception, a large open–air platform on stilts that raised it about five steps above the sand, under a high pitched thatched roof. Aside from the reception desk, a bar stocked with iced herbal tea and an inviting seating area of local bentwood furniture welcomed the guests. A table tucked to one side served as a library, its stock of books and magazines ever-changing as guests selected or donated titles.

Bathroom The long, deep bathtub hand-carved from the trunk of a Zapote tree was located on the opposite side of bedroom. It included a handheld shower. The lavatory was enclosed in its own separate area. Hot and cold running water were in ample supply at all times for the bathtub as well as for the soaking pool outside

Room Our one-room villa (#2) was a spacious 525 square foot thatch roofed retreat built with local hardwoods in the traditional Mayan style. Double glass doors opened onto a private deck that offered a panoramic view of the ocean to the East. In addition to two wooden beach chairs, a hammock and a bench swing, the deck featured a circular, ceramic-tiled three-foot deep soaking pool that comfortably accommodated two adults. It was a lovely place to enjoy the spectacular view and refreshing sea breezes. A private wooden stairway led to the beach below. On the West side of the villa, floor to ceiling windows opened onto the exuberant tropical vegetation of the gardens and provided cooling cross-ventilation.

All the outer walls of the villa were floor to ceiling glass, with the exception of the head of the bed, which was solid wood. Wooden shades ensured privacy. In addition to a king-size bed swathed in immaculate mosquito netting, a queen-size lounging platform was strategically located in the center of the room. Hanging from the roof beams on thick ropes, it provided a luxurious indoor alternative to the hammock on the deck. Its brightly covered pillows offered just the right touch of color to the room. Additional visual interest was created by the highly polished floor of variegated golden and black hardwood, and a couple of large Mayan dream catcher mobiles.

Food Although Azulik didn’t have a restaurant on premises, room service was available from 8 a.m. until late in the evening. Whenever we placed a red flag in a designated holder outside our villa, a member of the staff would appear to take our order within less than thirty minutes from the time we put out the flag. Our order would promptly arrive within 30 minutes thereafter. The menu and bar options were limited but excellent and the prices were comparable to those of the restaurants at the two adjacent properties. These two restaurants were less than a ten-minute walk away.

Amenities The bathroom amenities were outstanding and consisted of a 4-ounce size assortment of size six natural bath, body and hair products produced locally for the Maya Spa, as well as a generous stack of ample bath sheets. A 5-gallon drinking water dispenser was tucked in a corner for all our potable water needs. Two lightweight robes of brightly printed cotton hung in the closet.

Beach A mile-long, semi private, clothing optional beach of silky white coral sand began about fifty feet away from the landing of the private stairs leading from our terrace to the ocean. Another smaller beach was located at the other end of the property, a five-minute walk away. Both beaches were raked daily and very tidy. As is the norm on the coast of the Yucatan , both beaches gently sloped into the ocean, allowing us to wade for distances of up to two hundred feet in some places, waist-deep in the crystalline water.

Spa The Maya Spa, within a five-minute walk through the gardens offered a variety of traditional Mayan massages as well as relaxation and esthetic treatments. Resort guests could also arrange for massages in their private villa.

Other Portable electronic equipment such as laptops, cameras or MP3s could be recharged in the reception area. A convenience store was located within a ten-minute walk from the resort area for any basic needs. More extensive facilities such as grocery stores, drugstores, restaurants, sidewalk cafe and first aid healthcare were available three miles inland in the small town of Tulum Pueblo . The nearest town was Playa del Carmen, a 45 minute drive North on Federal Highway # 307.

It was possible to leave messages for guests at the resort at azulik@hotmail.com , a mailbox checked daily

Check-In-Check-Out Process Ease Instantaneous

Cleanliness Excellent

Date Of Review May 2005

Reviewers Article and photos by Josette King

Would You Stay There Again Yes! At the first opportunity!

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